The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is very apparent in web sites.

You will want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time with a cheap site that won’t deliver and is difficult to manage. 

Often these sites do not provide the technical back up if things go wrong.

Whilst the amount you spend is not necessarily proportional to the results, to get a professional, responsive website you want to be investing several thousand dollars. The exact figure will be based on design time and functionality. 

Content Management System, is a system at the backend of your website that nobody except you sees. 

It allows you to update your website yourself from any internet ready computer or device.

This allows you to do pre allocated updates within the web site without incurring further web development costs.

We show you how to do this with our one-on-one training. 

SEO is made up of two parts: the optimisation of the website by a web designer when it’s first built including clean code and site maps (tech stuff), on-page SEO which means including keywords, web page descriptions etc and off-page SEO which involves links from other sites into yours.

The more correctly the website is optimised, the higher the website will rank on search engines like Google.

In order to get a Google front page ranking you need to beat the competition. Google has a lot of what are called algorithms. These are used to determine how your site ranks on Google. It is our opinion that there are five main things that affect your sites ranking.

• The age of the website / domain name (older the better).

• The amount of appropriate links from other sites to your website.

• The on page SEO.

• The SEO in the backend of the website.

• The amount of content on the site and regularity with which the site is updated.

If your site isn’t where you want it to be, these are the things that are likely to need attention.

A responsive website means that site fits to the screen size. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a tablet, Smart Phone or Desk Top Computer you will be able to read and navigate the site with ease.

A responsive website design really means that it’s mobile friendly. There’s not need to zoom in and out to read or navigate the website. 

WordPress is a publishing software and content management system (CMS). The software is open-source allowing developers to create a wide array of plug-ins, themes and widgets.  Plug in and widgets are pre designed add on’s for example: A photo gallery or an event calendar

WordPress gives you the ability to manager the content on your site without the need for a skilled Web Designer.

A domain name is your internet address.  It is unique to your web site, no one else has the same address although some may be similar with different suffix eg: .com, .nz, .org.  

This domain name has to be re registered every year to ensure it is not relinquished and taken by another person.

Hosting is the fee you pay either monthly or annually to reserve space on the internet for your web site.

Fees may vary according to the amount of data (space) your site takes up.

Information will vary site to site however general requirements are as follows: 

Images of your products and services, with titles and descriptions, introduction text and page text, contact details, affiliated logos, terms and conditions or any other industry specific requirement, testimonials, company information (history, mission statements etc).

For sites with a shopping cart, we will need details of your products, it is then up to you to add all your items for sale.

Initial Meeting: A free consultation to establish the requirements and parameters of the web site. How it relates to the operational side of your business. Identify key areas, page titles and products. Research target markets, consumer types and business goals.  Suggestions will be made to achieve the above.

Estimate: A written estimate will be provided based on the information gathered and options chosen during the initial meeting. This will include a description of the elements contained in the site, hosting and domain options. The pricing is an estimate only and based on the supply of your accurate information for the web site in a timely manner. Web design will be charged by the hour and detailed invoices provided monthly for progress payments.

Scheduling: Confirm a start date and proposed time line. 

Information Gathering: You will be provided with a list of information required i.e text, logos, images etc so that design can begin.

Design: Creation of the look and functionality of the site.  You will be provided with a demo version to either sign off the overall design or make alterations.

Construction: Coding is developed to provide a functioning site, insertion of text, images and any special requirements such as shopping carts etc.

Sign Off: Final sign off by you regarding the look, functionality and accuracy of the site.

SEO and Site Testing: Keywords and descriptions will be inserted in the code to enable search engines to find your site easily.  The site is tested for functionality and hosting is provided.

Training: If your site includes a content management system, written instructions will be provided. If one on one assistance is required this will be charged at $100 per hour or part thereof.

Deployment: Once a final check has been done, the site will be loaded onto the internet and will then “go live”